What To Expect from your Child’s Physical Examination

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Parents typically schedule the appointments just before the start of the school year, during the holidays, or around your child’s birthday. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends regular checkups for children and youth to ensure optimal health, while most states require parents to submit a health certificate indicating that your child has received a medical check up in the last 18 months at the start of the school year.


Regular physical exams are important for children of all ages to ensure that they’re healthy and fit for an active lifestyle. Some of the things you can expect during your child’s physical examination include:


  • Complete physical exam

  • Routine vaccinations

  • Height and weight measurements

  • Hearing and vision screening

  • Nutritional assessment and dietary guidance

  • Developmental screening

  • Day care, sports, and camp physicals

  • Blood work screening

  • Complete Physicals


It is best to schedule continuous regular physical exams, after a given interval like one year, preferably with one doctor, for complete awareness of the child’s growth and development over time. If your child, tween, or teen participates in a physical sport, it’s important that you schedule at least one physical exam per year. After an injury, it is also important that your child gets examined by our doctors, even if the school has a medical care center, in case they missed something important.

Same Day physical exams


Some parents prefer to schedule their children’s physical exams separately from other exams to save on time. Whether this is a routine annual checkup, your child’s first ever physical exam, or an emergency visit, calling the office in the morning can provide an opportunity for your child to be seen later in the day at an agreed time. Depending on how much time is available, you will also get an opportunity to get some lifestyle tips for kids from the doctor, including wellness guidance and advice, diet and exercise options, and measure BMI for optimal health.